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Greg Moritz is a skilled craftsman of his trade. Not only where the crowns and bridge a perfect match to existing teeth, and as an artist I have a keen eye for tints, but his interest in correcting an open bite I had all my life has made biting into foods much more effective! I no longer drag slices of onion or tomato out of a sandwich, cutting right through meat is an awesome feeling. His taking the time to accomplish 7 crowns and a 6 tooth bridge in one day to save me from traveling back and forth over 500 miles shows his dedication. I was very impressed with his almost pain free application of anesthesia, some I did not feel at all. I will have to return in a few months to get my permanent bridge, but I assure you the trip you make will be worth every penny! Thank you Greg and Lexi who stayed late in spite of her having a vitally important appointment.

Robert Dollinger

Five Stars

Professional, caring and compassionate. Top notch technology, yet affordable compared to other Billing dental offices. From the receptionists, dental hygenists and Dr. Moritz, they explain everything and are friendly. Everything I want in a dental office.

Karin Solberg


Definitely the best dentist I've ever been to!! Went above and beyond to get me a treatment plan that not only is affordable but a plan that could give me Confidence and a smile back. Great friendly staff.

Robin Lavenger